Message from the founder

Architecture is not just about building cities but is about bringing life to them.

founderSince our establishment in the year 1972, we have been fostering the growth and development of India. For this we have an integrated multi-disciplinary team of expertise which helps us realize the best possible solutions for our clients. We aim to create buildings that strengthen the fabric to which it gets amalgamated.

In order to achieve our vision and maintain our identity we have a set of values which we follow inevitably – “Diligence, Discipline and Demeanor”. This has always helped us strive for success. At PG, work gets uniformly divided among the directors pertinent to their expertise and in spite the fact that we have a diverse range of skills and expertise we all feel a part of one vibrant organization.

We provide a work environment which is open and transparent, comfortable, technologically advanced and conducive for integrated team working. We encourage freedom of thoughts and adopt a flexible approach in our design sessions. We believe in giving ample opportunities to the young professionals. This has aided our company to grow with the changing times. Our values and beliefs have helped us expand our operations to cover a wide range of projects from housing commercial, retail, industrial, hospitality, institutional, civic cultural facilities to town planning, policy making on urban developments over the last many years.

Now our sensitivity towards the environment is making us advance in comprehensive environmental technologies too. Our commitment for a green future is also visible in the everyday practices of our people within our office. Through our insightful pragmatisms we aim to continue providing the best possible service to our clients, thereby establishing a long-term association.