Studio Life

We at PG believe that an office environment immensely affects quality of life and performance of its people. Hence, we constantly work on the ergonomics of our studios to continue offering an international work environment to our people.

To ensure expeditious working in the office we have dedicated spaces for each function – Design studios, Individual cabins, R&D, Meeting room, Video conferencing, Library, Server room, Printing, Lounge and a Cafeteria. We follow an open office plan providing a free and transparent work culture. We strongly stimulate free and an open end thinking within our teams. The use of latest technology and many analytical softwares are part of our working which helps us deliver pragmatic design solutions.

It is really the people that make PG the company it is. Hence, we give an equal priority to the lifestyle of our people. When not at work, our employees collectively pursue their interests which include leisure trips, sports, exhibitions, lunches, evening drinks, events etc. We also help our people pursue their own interests.