Training Program

At PG we follow an open-ended approach for the upcoming professionals in architecture, planning, design and building engineering. We employ students who need to undergo professional training for successful completion of their academics in respective fields and ensure they achieve the broadest experience and knowledge possible whilst at Planners Group.

The training program supports the aim of COA’s, IIA’s, IEI’s and pertinent governing body’s guidelines and imparts their cognizance in students by seeing their professional training as a series of learning experiences with specific outcomes. For professional development of students we make them part of a team for any specific upcoming project. We also provide ample resource and opportunities to students keen on research and development.

We at PG believe in giving what we have learned from practice back to the society hence we also work as an in-house institution. We conduct a no. of workshops in our offices on varied topics viz design, sustainability, construction systems, new technologies, innovation etc. on a regular basis. In addition, the students at PG are bestowed with realistic experience of the market through regular site visits and market surveys.